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My awesomely weird dreams!!

Hmmm…just woke up from a late aftenoon nap, and what I got besides a headache was a weird dream. Bascally while walking under this spectacular and vivid harvest full moon with a good friend, an annoying brother, and a few dream friends, I tried to take pictures of these amazing grey clouds that dropped from sky like a waterfall. Of course, my camera was a psp that took clear and sharp pictures of things that were definitely not the sky, clouds, or the moon. The pictures were just… odd. I got some really weird looks from everyone in the dream when I tried to show them the pictures. Exclaiming that all I did was take pictures of the clouds did not clear up anything, and annoying brother was annoying by helping to exasparate the situation. Le sigh…my dreams are very weird and random. I couldn’t even tell you what would trigger them hahaha. ^____^

I watched a musical the other day from 1950, called ‘Let’s Dance’. It stars Betty Hutton (best known for as Annie in ‘Annie Get Your Gun’) and Fred Astaire. It was an okay musical, but what I really loved about it was Betty Hutton’s comedic acting. I think that she did a great job at bringing energy and silliness to what would have otherwise been a stereotypical Doris Day type role. For me, the song ‘Oh Them Dudes’ is an amazing display of her prowess not only as a leading actor but also as a character actor. I mean she seriously has the old man cowboy act down pat in this sequence.  The whole time I watched this scene I barely glanced at Fred Astaire, because Betty Hutton just embodied the role so completely.

I finally watched the movie, War Horse. My incentive to watch it was Benedict Cumberbatch. Unfortunately, he didn’t appear for long. This movie’s storytelling was very different from what I’d imagined. First of all, I never ever thought that Joey’s (the horse) friends/owners would all die. Well all except for the first boy Albert, the last chubby german horse master, and the British soldier that freed him from some barbed wire. But, the viewer didn’t see enough of the last two men to truly connect with them. This brings me to my second point. I guess this was an interesting movie, but somehow I don’t feel like I connected completely with Joey, the horse. And, there wasn’t much time to connect with Joey’s friends either. I really wanted to see an intensity to the relationships, which for me would have helped along by times. It always seemed like Joey only stayed with others for about a day when in fact somehow 4 years go by. So, yes, I’m tearing the movie apart a bit, but only because I really want like this movie despite its flaws. I mean its a movie about the trials and tribulations of a miraculous horse, and the way he touched people’s lives. That right there hits a great deal of my fantasy buttons.

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